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What is April Foods Day?

A Chance to Give Back and Score Some Sweet Recipes!

We are kicking off the month of April with an annual food fundraising effort called April Foods Day! On April 2nd, we will be dropping our online cookbook that features 20 recipes from local chefs, firefighters in Madison, team members at Second Harvest Food Bank, and several other sources! All proceeds from the sale of the online cookbook will go to help two organizations that are taking the fight to food insecurity in Southern Wisconsin: Second Harvest Food bank and Cooke's Charitable Cattle Company. 

Food Drive!

On top of the cookbook fundraiser the fine folks at Festival Foods will be hosting a food drive at five of their locations: Madison, Verona, Portage, Fort Atkinson, and Janesville. Do your community a favor and head over to Festival Foods to do your shopping and make a donation in the month of March! All the food from the food drive will be donated on April Foods Day!!! 

Meat Donation!

On of the food items in highest demand at all food banks and food pantries around the country is any form of meat protein.  Cookes Charitable Cattle Company has taken this challenge head on.  They will be making their largest meat donation yet in early April, enough to provide about 6,000 servings to people in need! This is just a start, but it's a huge step in the direction of reducing food insecurity!

Food Fight Against Hunger!

During the month of April, Second Harvest Food Bank is partnering with Food Fight Restaurant Group for Food Fight Against Hunger! They have handcrafted special menus from their restaurants, free recipes from their talented chefs, and loads of delicious content, all while raising funds to support access to nutritious food for people experiencing hunger in our community.

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